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Closing Message





Pr. Acad. NGUYEN Van Hieu (right) - Chairman of International Advisory Committee &

 Pr. DANG Mau Chien (left) - Chairman of Local Organizing Committee at IWNA 2013 venue.

Vung Tau, 16th November, 2013


We have been together here for the 4th International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Application - IWNA 2013 during 3 days (from 14th - 16th November). There are about 300 participants joining the Workshop (including 80 foreigners from 20 countries & territories), coming from various Universities, Institutes, Laboratories, and Companies all over the world.

The Workshop has been highlighted with 3 plenary invited talks, 24 parallel oral sessions together with poster and exhibition session. 230 papers (out of 270 papers registered) have been presented, covering almost every aspect in nanotechnology, varying from theoretical and computational nanoscience, nanofabrication techniques, nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanomedicine to applications of Micro-Nanotechnology. There are 35 manuscripts submitted from participants to the International Journal of Nanotechnology (IJNT, IF 2010 = 1.335) and about 15 manuscripts submitted to the IOP Journal (UK) Advances in Natural Sciences: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ANSN). These manuscripts will be refereed for publication.

As a part of the Workshop, the Forum on Business opportunities of Micro-Nanotechnology industry in Vietnam was organized for the scientists, researchers and business community to exchange business opportunities in Micro-Nanotechnology field in Vietnam. Moreover, several cooperation meetings between LNT and Sungkyunkwan University (Korea), Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Ritsumeikan University (Japan), Department of Science and Technology - Taiwanese Office (Taiwan), CEA - LETI - MINATEC (France), Imperial College London (United Kingdom), Belarus Academy of Science (Belarus) were held to enhance the joint research and staff training.

We would like to thank the individuals who have contributed to the success of the Workshop, including all the invited speakers, authors of the submitted papers and participants, organizing member staffs, advisory and publication committees, journalists and all sponsors of the Workshop.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to close the 4rd International Workshop on Nanotechnology and Application - IWNA 2013. We hope all of you have enjoyed our program and explored the culture of Vietnam through visiting historic, cultural and natural attractions in Vung Tau and all around Vietnam.

Finally, we wish you have a good trip back to your country and we do hope to see you again for the 5th IWNA (IWNA 2015).


DANG Mau Chien 

Local Chairman of the IWNA 2013

Director of Laboratory for Nanotechnology (LNT),

Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM)

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