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Master Program

 A class lectured by Prof. NGUYEN Van Hieu

Demonstration on Particle analysis

Laboratory for Nanotechnology (LNT) and College of Technology (COLTECH) offer a Master degree program of nano materials and devices to students with background in physics and chemistry. The program also welcomes students in other fields who want to pursue a career in nanotechnology. Students are trained to use modern vacuum and chemical techniques for fabrication and analysis nano structured materials and devices and for monitoring micro fabrication technology. Students can use all the facilities from LNT for their dissertation. With a MS degree in nano materials and devices, students can confidently enter the high-tech industry which is heavily invested in Vietnam.

Students can have a chance to receive internship or PhD scholarship given by LNT’s partners. This MS degree also offer a good opportunity for college lecturers to expand their knowledge in the field of physics and chemistry to advance in the education career track. 

Until now, there are 6 classes from year 2005 to 2010 with the total of 60 students. 43 of them have successfully defended their thesis.

Master program key facts:

  • Deliver together by the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC)/Laboratory for Nanotechnology (LNT) and Vietnam National University-Ha Noi/College of Technology (COLTECH).
  • Master degree by Vietnam National University - Ha Noi.
  • Most of courses are delivered by lecturers from two Vietnam National Universities.
  • Length of the Program 2 years (2 semesters/year).
  • Education process is organized on credits basis.
  • Total minimum credit is 56 (including credits for thesis)
  • Course scheduling: in the morning from 8h00 to 11h30 or in the afternoon from 13h00 to 16h30.
  • Specialization: Nano materials, Nano devices.
  • Enrollment time: Previous 02/08/2012
  • Examination: on 08/09/2012-09/09/2012 with 3 subjects including Material Science, Advanced Mathematics and English.
  • Program opening: on October
  • Conditions for admission: An Engineer or Bachelor degree with a grade of excellent or good, or these degrees with 1 years experience.
  • Registration fee: 350.000 VND (non refundable).
  • Tuition fee: 3.000.000 VND/semester (may increase on this year)

Admissions Notice 2012 Master Program - Nano Materials and Devices

Curriculum (click here for more details)

Contact Address:
Dr. Le Thi Mai Hoa
Education and Training Departement
Laboratory for Nanotechnology (LNT)-Vietnam National University of HCM City
Tel: (84) 8 3 7242160 (Ext:4633) - Fax: (84) 8 3 7242163
Hotline: 0934.488.327 (Mrs. Hoa)
Email: ltmhoa@vnuhcm.edu.vn


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