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Year: 2010



Preparation of nitrogen co-doped SiO2/TiO2 thin films on ceramic with enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation.

Dang Mau Chien, Dang Thi My Dung and Le Duy Dam.

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience (JEN), TJEN 515248 (Accepted)


Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles containing ketoprofen and acrylic polymers prepared by emulsion solvent evaporation method.

Le Thi Mai Hoa, Nguyen Tai Chi, Le Huu Nguyen and Dang Mau Chien.

Journal of Experimental Nanoscience (JEN), TJEN 515247 (Accepted)

Visible-light photocatalytic activity of N/SiO2–TiO2 thin films on glass.
Thi My Dung Dang, Duy Dam Le, Vinh Thang Chau and Mau Chien Dang


A cryogenic heat capacity study of the crystallization process in Fe-based nanocrystalline alloys.
Thi Mai Hoa Le, Kozo Ishizaki and Mau Chien Dang


The fabrication of visible light responsive Ag-SiO2 co-doped TiO2 thin films by the sol–gel method.
Duy Dam Le , Thi My Dung Dang , Vinh Thang Chau and Mau Chien Dang


Copper thin film for RFID UHF antenna on flexible substrate.
Nhan Ai Tran, Huy Nam Tran, Mau Chien Dang and Eric Fribourg-Blan


Preparation of nano-gold catalyst supported on iron doped titanium oxide.
Thi My Dung Dang, Thi Minh Hanh Nguyen and Hong Phuoc Nguyen


Oxidation of platinum microwires surface applied in glucose detection.
Thanh Tung Pham Xuan, Thi Thanh Tuyen Le, Phu Duy Tran, Binh Van Pham, Duy Hien Tong and Mau Chien Dang


The Fabrication of GaN-based Light Emitting Diode (LED).
Xu Lin Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Nhien Nguyen, Vinh Thang Chau and Mau Chien Dang


Nanofabrication of Pt nanowire arays at wafer-scale and its application in glucose detection.
Hien Duy Tong, Duy Phu Tran, Tung Thanh Xuan Pham, Binh Van Pham, Tuyen Thanh Thi Le, Chien Mau Dang and Cees J M Van Rjin


Effect of temperature and role of Mo top layer on the growth of carbon nanotubes.
T.Anh Nguyen, P.T.Hoa Nguyen, D.Hai Dinh, M.Chien Dang, W.Song, S.K. Kim and C.Park
Glucose oxidase immobilization on different modified surfaces of platinum nanowire for application in glucose detection.
Thi Thanh Tuyen Le, Phu Duy Tran, Xuan Tung Pham, Duy Hien Tong and Mau Chien Dang

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